About me


Designer of beadwoven jewelry and beading patterns.


I’ve always been creative, wanting to make things. I was being drawn to all things shiny and sparkly, and jewelry appealed to me since I was a young girl. So I started creating my own jewelry with wire and beads.

Through the years I started working more and more with seedbeads, but being in The Netherlands where beadweaving hardly was known I was mostly experimenting. Then I got my hands on a few copies of Bead & Button magazine and I got a chance to learn different techniques that helped me in the creative process.

Beadweaving became more and more available through the internet and social media, which helped me a lot perfecting my beading and learning more techniques. I started posting photos of my work online and I received so many positive comments and requests for patterns that I realized I could try and turn my hobby into a profession. And it worked!

As I have a graphic design background, it was easy for me to draw step-by-step diagrams to create beading patterns of my jewelry. In 2013 I listed my first pattern online, a simple tila bead necklace design called ‘To The Point’ and it started selling immediately. I was thrilled and soon more patterns followed.

In 2014 I started my own business: Trinkets beading, as jewelry designer selling beading patterns and materials online. The business has been growing ever since, with new patterns being listed regularly and more beading materials and kits being available at my shop www.trinketsbeading.com.

I have been able to turn what I love to do most into my work, sharing my designs with beaders all over the world. I’m a very lucky girl!

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